How to fry tree bark.

So big government is bad. Check.

POTUS is supposed to be creating jobs to revive the economy. Check.

Creating a big huge federal FDR style program to convert the dying automobile industry into an American High Speed Rail train producing system, and taking the trillions being spent overseas to protect our Asian border and using it to build a national network of high speed rail lines (along with revamping the American infrastructure, including de-suburbanizing the landscape) would be bad (=big government). Check.

Any government funded job creation would be more big government. Check.

How’s POTUS supposed to create these jobs?

Oh right, cut all taxes for the wealthy. Check. (Because this has been working so well since the Reagan administration…)

Nevermind… Moving on!

Whoops… I meant moving on!

Oops sorry, kinda stuck here. Gimme a sec…

Anyway, to refocus on the positive things going on these days, check this out:

Well, I can’t seem to find anything good going on out there, so pardon me while I make a little good of my own in this space:

Enjoy and stay positive!

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2 thoughts on “How to fry tree bark.

  1. eksith August 14, 2011 at 02:34 Reply

    After reading this post, for a moment, I had a brief vision of the POTUS in a tank driving through the GM building. Like that Lithuanian mayor, except to the tune of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries.

    It’s amazing how a few words and disconnected videos can affect the psyche.

    Stupidity? It’s a incurable infectious disease made manageable to some degree by quarantine, I suppose.

  2. Steve May 30, 2012 at 20:34 Reply

    Darn, the Von Karajan recordings of the Sibelius Symphony are gone… Nothing good lasts for ever…

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