What a buncha maroons!

Everybody put ya hands behind ya head and lie down! Whaddya youuu lookin’ at!?

My fly? Oh jeez, thanks. Hey, I owe ya one buddy. Huh?

Yeah, okay. Alright. You can leave. But don’t tell anybody whatcha seen here or I’ll knock ya teeth into your throat for ya. Alright? Ok, be good now. Take care.

The resta youse down on the floor already! Hands behind ya head already! What language do I gotta talk to you idiots in?! LIE DOWN ON THE FLOO…

What the fu…?  On your stomach you moron! What the f&^% are you doin?! Yoga?!

Jeeezuz Lord help me I gotta buncha idiots in dis bank!

Hey you! Where you goin? Whaddya think this is, a voluntary gatherin of like minded individuals engagin in civil discourse for the sheer  pleasure and enjoyment of stimulating and thought provoking conversation? Get down on da floor or I’ll lay ya down for ya wit my friend Smith here. As in… Smith and Wesson!


Whaddya mean it looks fake? Your brains ain’t gonna look too fake all over the nice marble floors a dis bank if I have to keep talkin to ya when I should be countin my hard earned money!

Cut! Cut!

The goddamned microphone dipped into the frame again! Somebody get me a new sound man, and fire that hair-brained, mic-dipping, money losing bastard of a man before I really lose my temper!

It was an accident sir.

You were an accident! You’re costing me a fortune with your screw ups! Scene after scene of beautiful acting ruined by your inept stupidity! What?!

Give you one more chance? I’ll give you a chance alright. FAT CHANCE! Get outta here!

And so, my dear readers, this has been the story of how I, once a promising cog in the great movie producing machine that is Follywood, ended up working for Acme Rail and Road Manufacturers.









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One thought on “What a buncha maroons!

  1. Nayda February 16, 2012 at 07:36 Reply

    Acme Rail & Road, huh? Hm…

    “Wile E Coyote…Superintendent Genius.”

    Hey. I like the way that rolls out.

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