Oh Ambulance Men

Love this:

Alexander Pseudonym

Ambulance Men,
Flash your blue, shrieking light,
And drive.

Motored carbon, gushing from the engine’s belly,
Exhausted over tarmac roads,
_____down which I walked to school,
_____every day,
_____twelve years,
Is all that breaks the silence of the night.

A face by my side,
_____Hands on my chest,
Hovers like a dark moon,
Speaks in silhouettes,
A silent picture-show –
Glimmering to the dot-dot-dot
_____Morse Code of the night:
Flashing blue ambulance lights.

Hushed street corners
Cower below this cabin;
This cold, conditioned,
Ephemeral metal cloud.
Gritty street corners –
_____where I kicked stones
_____with Mark and Sean –
Lose their teeth.
Towering constructions
_____of serious business
_____and hive formations
_____of all import
The city melts,
Evening the sky and tarmac
Through this
And night-time song of the dead
Ambulance Men,

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