Laughing is Good

Some humor:

Tech Gum

Here are some great computer jokes that will surely make you laugh!

The General Ones

Like car accidents, most hardware failures are due to driver errors.

Evolution is God’s way of issuing updates.

My software doesn’t have bugs. It just develops random features.

These must really hurt for Windows…

The box said “requires Windows Vista or better,” so I installed Linux.

What’s the difference between a computer virus and Windows? Viruses do something.

Computers are like air conditioners; they stop working after you open windows.

Apple still sucks…

The best accelerator for a Mac is the one that causes it to speed up at 9.81 m/s^2.

While Linux literally gives away stuff for free, Apple resells it for $99.

A Mac user calls tech support and asks, “what is Linux?” The technician begins laughing and answers, “it’s an open source operating system, meaning any programmer can alter and change the…

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