greenish dreamland

Why do we stare off into space when we’re tired? Well, we know why you do, but why do we generally think about things other than that before our eyes when we’re tired? Is it because we lack the strength to stay focused on the present when we’re tired? Do our minds naturally wonder away when we’re not actively holding them still in the here and now?

These are some of the things I think about when I’m tired. You know what I’m thinking right now, but what are you thinking? This is really a one sided sort of arrangement, isn’t it? And that’s not really fair, now is it? No, of course it isn’t. I’d like to propose a modified situation based on fairness and equality. Write down what you’re thinking right now. Be honest and don’t censor yourself. Write it all down and email it to me. You don’t have my email address? (Yes, you do.) You can just send it to someone else and they’ll get it to me in a jiffy, pronto-like. Rest assured of that.

Now, that’s better. Thank you. I know we would get along just fine. You startled me with some of your thoughts, but I should have known better. You’re a wacky bunch of people, you readers of people’s minds, you.

So, if we concede our minds are wont to wander when we are not corralling them here and now, to where, I wonder, do they wander? Unfinished business? Maybe sometimes. Fantasies? Probably some of the destinations would fall under this category. What about those places that don’t really directly relate to unfinished business and aren’t fantasies, per se, at least not in the vein of desirous dreams, but rather are more like sleeping dreams wherein we are wandering around in a mental landscape at once strange and familiar? Are these places unlike the places we visit when we dream?

Does anyone else end up in the same world when they dream? I mean to say there seems to be a world not entirely unlike this one, but certainly not exactly like it either, where I live when I dream. It’s sort of greenish, sort of how this world may very well be if we tuned the frequency down (or is it up?) a notch. Reptilian and swampy, but at the edges. Subterranean in feel, although I have traveled this land’s skies as well as its Terra Firma.

It features a monopoly board like park that I can’t help but feel is situated in the real world Mall in Washington D.C.

It features streets lined with houses and there’s a desert-like street that sort of ends alongside a cliff and the houses just stop there. It goes on, I think, but I never go past that spot where the street is along the cliff. It’s not a high cliff, only maybe as high as a two story building.

There is a cemetery in this world. It is not far from the cliff street.

There is a roller-coaster I rode in a dream once when I was a child. The lesson was to enjoy the ride – the ups and downs, for they will keep coming out of our control, but our enjoyment, our relaxation and acceptance, is completely in our control. It was a nice dream.

I flew in a rubber-ducky-ish airplane once through the sky not far from where the roller-coaster exists. There were green, reptilian beings present, but they kept to themselves and I wondered about them in a passive sort of way. They seem to live under the ground in the sewers there.

I often ride in a car near the edge of this world. There is a swampy area there and a motel of some kind or other. I think I went inside once, in fact I’m sure I did, but I don’t remember why or what I did there.

Not far from the Monopoly-Washington D.C. Mall park area, or somehow I think it is inside this park area, there is a library like interior filled with tons of records and files on dusty bits of old cards. Like the reference cards one finds in a library of the past. I spent some time in one or two dreams there going through these records. I don’t recall what I was doing or whether I was looking for something or working at filing or organizing the records. The Bush clan is always nearby this Monopoly Park. They are in some measure of control when the dream takes place near here. But I tell them to keep their distance and leave me be when it strikes me to tell them so. This library in the park is disorganized and dusty. Filled to the brim with papers and boxes along with the file cards. I don’t know what all the junk and clutter is, but I don’t feel it would be right to clean it for some reason. It’s somebody else’s mess. They need it like this for some reason so I leave it be. But it makes my work here difficult. This is not unlike real life either, come to think of it, since I am constantly struggling to survive and stay afloat in messes created and cherished by the lazy selfish that populate this world like so many blades of grass in a field.

The Bush clan is very scary. In my dreams. Maybe in the real world too, but I don’t want to draw too many parallels tonight. I wish they would stay out of my dreams. I think it’s rude to intrude into other people’s dreams, don’t you? Speaking of you, how are you making out so far? Have you made any progress ordering those files yet? You have only a few moments left. The alarm is going off in a few minutes.

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