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Community Based Economic Development

A bright light this quiet morning.

PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

This week my family enthusiastically celebrates both Canada Day and Independence Day, wishing Canada a happy 145th birthday, and the US a happy 236th. We honor the effective portions of the collective community vision that made these two nations great! The oldest continuously occupied settlements in each country are St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, at 429 years, and Acoma and Taos Pueblos, both in New Mexico, at 1,012 years.

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The new hotel

It’s as if I’ve subcontracted out my thoughts and ideas to highly talented writers who churn out one great post after another! These thoughts on hotels are inspiring, to say the least.

PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

Series Overview
While walkable mixed use town centers may not be the *easy* choice for the asphalt guy, the engineer, or even the developer who has to attract tenants to an environment they may not be as used to… they are certainly becoming best practices for sustainable community development. More importantly, they are quickly becoming a market favorite and a valuable amenity to their adjacent (and integrated) residential neighborhoods. Too often, however, municipalities and developers choose only to commit to this model halfway, viewing it as a niche market with limited potential where quaint mom and pops struggle away (you know, that one-off new urbanist development at the edge of town), while the “real stuff” happens in large conventional single-use centers down the street.

This lack of commitment allows many of the essential ingredients of a successful walkable town center to get sucked into car-focused single-use centers (the easy place…

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Jane Jacob’s revenge on Robert Moses

Love parts of this, despite the sadness that would be if grand architecture were everywhere replaced with push carts and vendor trucks.