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What do you mean it’s not real news?



It’s just as informative and thought provoking as anything in the NY TImes or the Wall Street Journal…

Thank you for expressing it so clearly…

This is the most succinct rendering of opinion I’ve ever heard:



I quote the text from The Daily Currant (and correct a few spelling errors, too):

Chicago mayor and former White House Chief-of-Staff Rham Emanuel tore into Fox News host Sean Hannity tonight on live television.

Emanuel was on the conservative network to offer his opinion on the night’s election results, which saw his former boss Barack Obama reelected to the presidency for another four  years.

A devastated Hannity, however, was intent on using the occasion to vent his rage at the nights events and incessantly provoked Emanuel’s ire:

“Is Barack Obama going to move to the center? Or is he going to continue his radical Socialist policies that are destroying America?” Hannity asked, beginning a rapid-fire sequence of badgering questions:

‘Is he going to start paying attention to ordinary Americans? Or his he going to continue his government of, by, and for the welfare queens?

Is he going to ask the keep apologizing to our enemies? Or is he going to show some backbone and invade somebody?”

“Is he ever going to release his real birth certificate? Or is he gonna continuing lying to the American people about his Kenyan heritage?”

Proverbs 11:2

“Sean…sean…,” Emanuel interrupted, “Sean…sean…sean…sean…sean… … shut the fuck up. You Lost. Get over it and move on. Barack Obama is president for the next four years.”

“No amount of childish whining will change that fact. Why don’t you start working on improving yourself as a person, rather than finding fault in others.”

“At the moment you’re a terrible, cynical human being who gets rich off of other people’s ignorance. Your entire existence is defined by intellectual stupor and purposelessness. There’s not a single cell of your body that has any redeeming value whatsoever – not even the intestinal cells which host your parasites.”

“I feel deeply sorry for your children and your children’s children, who will have to bear the stain of their relationship to you for their entire lives.”

“I am a dumber, coarser, less centered individual for even haven spoken to you, and I promise I will never repeat that mistake again.”

Emanuel then removed his microphone and quietly walked off the set.

Thank you Rham Emanuel for making that clear for everyone.


Around various pockets of the media one can hear the conservative call to action, the affirmation of a mandate to defend the American people against the government. It is as clear as an azure sky to me that this mandate is real. Consider the following:

  • Republicans almost took the White House. Less than a hundred electoral votes short!
  • The Republican candidate for President of the United States almost won the popular vote (see how completely different ‘almost won’ sounds compared to ‘lost’?).
  • Republicans only lost a net of two seats in the Senate and three in the House of Representatives.

For these reasons and others, I think it is time for Americans across the nation to accept the fact that this shrinking party of miserable, aged white men just knows what’s best for us, and we should let them have their destructive, self-defeating way. I for one am completely confident they have my best interests at heart as they attempt to allow corporate entities to destroy the very earth for short term profit which will surely trickle down to me eventually.

For those of you still reading, here’s a change of tempo. If you’re looking for more Republican bashing, sorry – I’ve shot my load. There’s plenty around the internet, much of it written by smarter and wittier folks than myself. Just open any recent article on the election results and read the comments section… And if any Republican-leaning readers haven’t given up yet, I’d like to offer next a serious assessment of an outsider’s (read independent voter’s) view of the current Republican party, because, seriously, and frankly, I’d like to someday see an election where I’m really not sure who to vote for, and not because I don’t particularly care for either candidate. But as long as the Republican party keeps putting one idiot-zoo-creature after another up for election, I don’t see much choice but to continue near-blind allegiance to the less-evil party (although I do vote for conservative judges – give people a fair chance to live free I say; if they screw it up: hang ’em! Send ’em to the chair!).

For starters, what does the Republican party really stand for? Freedom from government regulation? Then how to explain the abortion issue? Or gay marriage issue? Or, summing these up, the entire religious connection? As far as my public school education has instilled in me, these United States were founded on the principle of religious freedom, and the inherent separation of church and state required to maintain said freedom. So how did the party that eschews government interference with individual’s lives somehow become infested with the intolerant, insidious pestilence that is fundamentalist religion? The two are diametrically opposed, yet are somehow made to seem, at least in the media, like one unified field. [Speaking of unified fields, what’s with the opposition to science? and knowledge in general? Oh yeah, that religion thing again…] Don’t get me wrong – I’m a very spiritual person, but it’s exactly because of my spiritual beliefs that I find the idea of pushing one’s religious beliefs on others to be so repugnant. Spirituality is a very personal thing, and if and when communities share a belief system and want to live within its confines together as a community, there is nothing more beautiful. But the key concept here is ‘want’. When it is a consensual gathering of like minded individuals, it is beautiful. When it is a bunch of power mongers trying to insert their beliefs into, say, a public school system’s policies or curriculum, something is woefully wrong – and this is where the call to remove government from people’s lives is just and necessary.

Then there is the Tea Party movement, which, as far as I can figure, basically wants to eliminate the federal government altogether. Somehow, I don’t see this working out too well. E.G. :

I like to ride trains. Interstate train travel is important to me. I kind of think there should be some kind of overseer in a thing like this. If not a federal government, who? A corporation? So eventually the whole network can be liquidated as the fat cats high-tail it out of Dodge with their ill-gotten gains? Don’t say that wouldn’t happen, because we all know it would sooner or later. No, a people’s railroad run by the people’s government. That’s the ideal.

I’ve got more to say on this issue, but I’ll save it for another post. To sum up, I’m a white guy who ain’t getting any younger, but I feel as if I’m being gypped out of a right of passage: namely to grow politically more conservative as I grow older. Who in their right mind can honestly say they think the nonsense coming out of the current Republican party is the best path forward? Not I. Where’s a good centrist candidate (who doesn’t want to enslave you to either the government or the local lord of the manor) when you need one? 😉

His Mistress Green*

A nice piece of poetry this here!

Another Corny Post

A not so “friendly” discovery whilst taking my daily constitutional: Goodbye Friend. The mobile version of the article I read mentions the price of corn and dairy among the reasons for Friendly’s dire financial situation, whereas the online version generically mentions “costs”.  This variation itself is interesting – if I wasn’t so cheap I’d buy a hard copy of the paper to see which version made it into print. Maybe I’ll find one lying around… Anywho, back to the idea that the price of corn is high enough to drive the tastiest franchise into bankruptcy… How and why is corn expensive? Aren’t farmers still being paid to keep their fields fallow? Why is it that people starve and businesses go under and yet farmers are not allowed to farm their fields?

Well, enough conspiracy theory for now. Delve a little (a very little!) into the issue of farm subsidies and it gets stranger: WTF?  Now, obviously my readers know better than to come to me looking for answers, and I won’t be providing any here today either, but there’s plenty of “food” for thought here today so chow down!


Some good news: Caught!

How to fry tree bark.

So big government is bad. Check.

POTUS is supposed to be creating jobs to revive the economy. Check.

Creating a big huge federal FDR style program to convert the dying automobile industry into an American High Speed Rail train producing system, and taking the trillions being spent overseas to protect our Asian border and using it to build a national network of high speed rail lines (along with revamping the American infrastructure, including de-suburbanizing the landscape) would be bad (=big government). Check.

Any government funded job creation would be more big government. Check.

How’s POTUS supposed to create these jobs?

Oh right, cut all taxes for the wealthy. Check. (Because this has been working so well since the Reagan administration…)

Nevermind… Moving on!

Whoops… I meant moving on!

Oops sorry, kinda stuck here. Gimme a sec…

Anyway, to refocus on the positive things going on these days, check this out:

Well, I can’t seem to find anything good going on out there, so pardon me while I make a little good of my own in this space:

Enjoy and stay positive!

What the hell is wrong with you?

Just a quick note to share this gem I found earlier today:

Have a great weekend!

How to get 6-pack abs in just 1 month!

I think that we are collectively involved in a wrong war. I’m not talking the middle east here (save that one for another post!), I’m talking about the war in NYC between bicyclists and pedestrians. It’s been going on for some time now, with flare ups interspersed between coldwar-esqe lulls that never mean peace but aren’t quite war. And I have two major quarrels with this war. They are really one and the same, but I need some substance here so bear with me.

My first quarrel is one of general principle. When we, the citizens of this fine city (if you don’t live here that’s fine too, just keep bearing with me – the relevance to your life is coming soon) engage in this war, we are participating in the downfall of humanity via that well trodden path known as Divide and Conquer. Of course we are on the receiving end – i.e. We are not conquering anything, we are actively participating in our own defeat. Stay with me here, this is important if you want to fully grasp my point. God created Man, and gave us feet to walk on. And Man created bicycles, so, indirectly, God created bicycles. But, and here is the important distinction, automobiles, and the entire suburban culture, are products of the devil, in the form of giant, evil corporations and the cold war era fear of nuclear annihilation (whereas feelings about nuclear annihilation today, by those who still think about such things, are different – generally an almost fatalistic, even optimistic, view that whether or not we blow the world to smithereens, it has to get better than this). Don’t argue with me or try to persuade me with contrary facts – I know what I’m talking about here!

Now the real enemy of both pedestrians and bicyclists is, obviously, cars and their drivers. Think about it. If they’d stop bringing their big stupid vehicles into town, the streets would have plenty of room to accommodate both pedestrians and bicyclists. (Anybody who dares to bring up even the slightest flaw in this logic will be mocked mercilessly and then beaten into obscurity with an “I can’t hear you” stick!)

Now, this brings me to my second issue. The fault of this whole situation clearly lies with city management (they’re trying to conquer us!!! – ok, maybe not really. Maybe…). I won’t harp on too much because the mayor appears to be baby stepping in the right direction, but I’d really like to see a communist style redistribution of wealth, applied, of course, to the wealth of moving-around space in this city. Get the cars the hell out of here and let’s see some better resource management!

Have any of you ever taken a good, close look at some of the lane dividers painted on our streets? Or taken a civil engineer’s eye to some of our less perpendicular intersections, particularly in the outer boroughs? I don’t think anyone from the city has either… It’s a miracle more people aren’t killed on these streets every day, whether they’re walking, biking, or participating in the destruction of all life on earth by driving a car.

Oh, and if you really want to get in shape, you should probably get your fat ass out of your car and walk a little!

The future

So the Teepees (I personally hate the term Tea Party as applied to the conservative movement sweeping the media – can’t say sweeping the nation because I don’t actually know anybody that supports that point of view… But that’s a whole other story) want to stop providing public services, saying that the millionaires should be given their money back, to be spent by themselves as they see fit.

I personally think it’s a great idea. It makes me think of all those pretty pictures of medieval manors with the lush gardens and forests, big open fields surrounded by stone walls, and of children singing songs in canon as they till the soil… When I studied manorialism in school I dreamed about that lifestyle and wished that there was some way that we could go back in time and live like that again today.

That’s why I’m so excited about these Teepees taking power. We all know we need to start living closer to the Earth again, and what better way than to get down in the muck on our hands and knees and work from dusk to dawn in the magnificent, organic! soil of Mother Earth? I’m sure the lord of the manor will let us keep enough to survive. And think of the health benefits this active lifestyle will provide for us! No longer engorging ourselves on the fat of the land, and with our constant exertion as we work the fields from the time we can stand upright, we will all be in the best of shape physically and mentally (unless we are unfortunate enough to fall ill, in which case I don’t see any point in providing us medical care – those unfit for work are a burden not to be tolerated).

Tell the truth – you’ve always wanted to live as a serf on a manor! So come on fellow future serfs and let’s all vote Teepee next election – it’s the smart thing to do.

I love onions and beer, don’t you?

What do you think?

Feel free to leave additional thoughts in the comments below.