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Clever Persons in Old Verses Seldom Mention Learned Curses

Look Venessa! Look upon these woven letters:

Clever persons in old verses

seldom mention lessons they would

love to drone about forever,

for they alone know how enticing

clever persons ever were.

On yesterday,

a day away,

we set our sights,


above only the hills and not the clouds.

Our checks are due,

we must align ourselves with that which matters.

What is the meaning of this?

Feign and do it nigh

that I may even yet witness it;

born of truest intonation,

longed for night and,

on occasion, daily.

For I,

oh angels spare me,

I was as a carefree gryphon once;

a careless young surprising advent

of the modern legend.

It was for me,

for me!,

an easy thing

to build a touching sequence of…

Let us seize the magic number

so that we can,

within a reasonable duration,

assume to know the secrets.

What does it mean?

I sail on this sea,

For an eagle I stows on me boat.

He who can say unto it

“I verily suffer”

Hunts all.