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We Have A Winner!

Sort of… Actually I don’t think the winner was even aware of the puzzle, but minor technicalities aside, a hearty “Best Wishes and Good Luck” to Marte of MarteandKristin, who shared a sad and touching story but kept the emphasis on recovering and moving on in a positive way. That’s the only successful approach to dealing with life!

Here was the puzzle, from a post a little ways back (SPOILER COMING UP SOON, TURN BACK NOW IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE SOLUTION YET) :

I sail on this sea,

For an eagle I stows on me boat.

He who can say unto it

“I verily suffer”

Hunts all.

And the solution is as follows (Obviously, anyone not wanting to read the solution just yet should read no further!) :

This is a simplest form of crypto where a message is merely woven evenly perpendicular to the text. In this case, every fifth letter spells out the message.

I sail         L

on thi        I

s sea,F      F

or an e     E

agle I        I

stows        S

on me b    B

oat.He      E

who ca     A

n say u    U

nto it       T

“I veri      I

ly suf       F

fer”Hu    U

nts al      L


Keep up the good fight to turn every thought into a positive one Marte and Kristin and everyone else! Till next time 🙂