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A man shot with his rifle some rowdy kids making a ruckus outside his home.  And they arrested …him!

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Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m a bad human being, but what happened to common sense and the right to defend your life and property?

Maybe I’m stupid, but what kind of a world are we living in where hoodlum punks can make a ruckus outside one’s home, one’s sanctuary(!), vandalize the place, and you can’t do a damned thing about it?

Maybe the cops felt threatened? Maybe they thought this guy was trying to take money out of their pockets – what with shooting criminals being their bread and butter and whatnot… Not that they seemed particularly interested in getting involved in this situation until the shooting started…

Hurray for the Mother and all those like-minded!

Now, I’m all for dogs riding on buses and trains. I mean, if a dog has to get from Brooklyn to Queens or the Bronx and back, or even to Central Park, say for his spoiled daily pampering, what do you want him to do – walk!?

Howeverthis is just too damned much. How insane do you have to be to beat a bus driver into the hospital for any reason?

Not to mention this is a felony…

Why not?

Why don’t rail transportation operators sue the people who drunkenly stumble into the paths of oncoming trains? The damages to equipment is non-negligible and the costs of service delays are surprisingly high. N.B. 1. Public intoxication is against the law (for the obvious reasons!). 2. It is impossible to steer a train into the path of anyone who is not already where they are prohibited from being (or anywhere else for that matter – trains go straight along the rails, nowhere else). You can lean or bend into the path of an oncoming train, the train cannot go out of its way to hit you. 3. Trains cannot stop on a dime. F=ma. And for anyone who thinks the trains operate at unsafe speeds… Are you for real? Do we really want the trains going any slower?