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Another Corny Post

A not so “friendly” discovery whilst taking my daily constitutional: Goodbye Friend. The mobile version of the article I read mentions the price of corn and dairy among the reasons for Friendly’s dire financial situation, whereas the online version generically mentions “costs”.  This variation itself is interesting – if I wasn’t so cheap I’d buy a hard copy of the paper to see which version made it into print. Maybe I’ll find one lying around… Anywho, back to the idea that the price of corn is high enough to drive the tastiest franchise into bankruptcy… How and why is corn expensive? Aren’t farmers still being paid to keep their fields fallow? Why is it that people starve and businesses go under and yet farmers are not allowed to farm their fields?

Well, enough conspiracy theory for now. Delve a little (a very little!) into the issue of farm subsidies and it gets stranger: WTF?  Now, obviously my readers know better than to come to me looking for answers, and I won’t be providing any here today either, but there’s plenty of “food” for thought here today so chow down!


Some good news: Caught!