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Time to X XP

Here’s some stupidity for you: What’s up with the XP cult? There is a legion out there with undying love for Windows XP… Why?

It was one of the first really stable (eventually), user friendly operating system Microsoft came out with, okay, but why the loyalty when it’s been so clearly surpassed by Windows 7 and was never as good as Mac’s OSX? It’s like there’s this army of zombies that first learned how to use a computer that happened to be running a certain operating system and they just can’t free themselves from the spider’s web that is an aging, soon to be obsolete operating system.

Get over it folks! It’s dead. There is more and more software coming out, not to mention updates to existing software,  that just won’t run on XP, and rightly so.

They cling to it, ever more confused when the newest version of their favorite game or utility program won’t run on it. They ask why. They argue and debate in a frivolous manner as if time ceased to exist and there was no point in moving forward. They waste their lives away bitter that they’ve been robbed. Cheated. Betrayed by the universe. GET OVER IT FOLKS! It’s dead.

Never before has an operating system had such a deluded group of adherents. A cult that obsesses and worships. Protects with a fierceness not unlike that which a mother bear displays in protecting her cubs. But these guardians of the faith watch over a dead corpse. A dead god is what they worship, powerlessly and in vain. Caught in a time warp that bends around them, suffocating them slowly, they go on, questioning, betraying their ignorance and sloth.

A Big Raspberry to you all!


’till next time! 😛