Top Secret

Yes, the contents of this page are top secret.

Only those with appropriate clearance should read on.

Unless you have the proper clearances, you should not be reading this.

Absolutely no one not authorized to do so should still be reading this.


Everyone not permitted to view this should click back the most recent post and read that instead.

And this means you!

No one should still be reading this as no one is authorized at this clearance level.

Only the brave read on!

So, you’re still here huh?

You’re persistent. I’ll tell you that much.

Maybe you don’t take the threat seriously.

Or maybe you just don’t care.

To me, there’s no difference. You are one brave soul.

Hope you don’t get burned reading this classified information.

Entirely your fault if you do.

Really. I don’t feel bad for you…

Fortunately for me, I was born without emotions.

Unless you count joy and perverse pleasure as emotions.

Continue at your own risk.

Keepers of the faith persevere. We will win.

Everyone else will lose.

Really figured this was going somewhere, didn’t you?



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